Agnes Dherbeys
Father and Mother Unknown - Paris July 2013. My file of pre-adoption from South Korea. My parents gave it to me when I turned teenager. It has very few information, mainly medical reports and this note: father and mother unknown.
Car park, Dobongsan, Seoul South Korea 6th of May 2013
4th of July 2013Mrs. Yang and Laure, her daughter adopted in France compare their hands. Excerpts of a letter from Laure to Agnès Dherbeys: "It took me some time to give her a name that would please me, because I can’t either call her mother, nor mummy
« My parents wanted me to get an abortion. For me, it was just impossible ».Seoul, 3rd of July 2013. Yunmin Lee, 25 years old and her daughter Enoch, born in 2011. « I was already pregnant when i left my boy friend. I was not in love for him
Last goodbye to the 3 generations old shop, Romans sur Isere, France 23rd of March 2014
Living room, Romans France 23rd of March 2015
Romans sur Isere, France December 2014
Morning routine, Bathroom 20th of March 2015
16th Arrondissement, Paris May 2012
While fightings between Thai Troops and red Shirts protestors took place in Ratchadamnoen Avenue and its back streets, near Democracy Monument, I ran into a masked man, who shouted at me for taking the photo of him carrying an AK 47.
Red Shirts against Thai Army in Ratchadamnoen avenue, near Democracy monument, Bangkok Thailand
Thai troops on silom Road, near the no color shirts protestors, Bangkok Thailand
Beginning of the Battle of bangkok after the killing of Gen. Seh Deang in the red zone: Rama IV road, a red shirt supporter tries to take cover while we are targetted by unknown shooters from the Lumpini park direction, Bangkok Thailand, 13/05/10
Riot police is charging over protestors who are throwing stones, Gongabu area Kathmandu 16th of April 2006
Anti Absolute monarchy protestors are burning tires, which becomes the ordinary environnement on the Ring Road during the weeks of protest. Kalanki, outskirt of Kathmandu Nepal 21st of April 2006
Anti Absolute Monarchy protestors scanding slogans against King Gyanendra. Kathmandu outskirt, 17th of April 2006
Riot police standing over a hill in Kalanki, where protestors have been loothing a governemental building, Kathmandu
Maoists flags in old Kathmandu streets 14th of April 2008

Agnès Dherbeys is a French photographer.
Her work is dedicated either to long terms projects (Nepal, East Timor) and to international news coverage: the tsunami devastation in 2004; and civil unrest in Bangkok in 2010. Agnès Dherbeys has mainly worked in Asia where she was based for 12 years and Europe where she now lives.
In 2012, she contributed to the Siam Roads Project: a musical and visual story of French jazz band Limousine diving into the universe of Thai traditional music Molaam. The project was inaugurated at the Gaité Lyrique in Paris before touring all over France and was invited to Bangkok in 2013. Siam Roads was partly financed thanks to the support of l’Institut Français, Agnès B, and Factory Festival.
Agnès Dherbeys spent 2013 working on her project "Omone" in her birth country, giving a voice and a face to the Korean Mothers who have abandoned (or lost) their children to International adoption back in the 70s and the 80s. “Mother” has been widely published in Western media. This work is symbolic of Dherbeys’s achievements: intimately documenting our world, using her personal esthetics and vision.
In 2015 and 2016, she directed her first documentary, Tropical Suite, produced by Stanley White: the inspired and rock and roll story behind the recording of the 4th album of Poni Hoax band in 3 different continents.
Agnès Dherbeys works for the international press, including The New York Times, Le Monde, Harpers, Marie Claire, VSD and GQ…
Her work has been exhibited in France (Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan, Festival Photoreporter in St Brieuc, Festival des Ecrits de Femme) and abroad (Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia, Lianzhou Photo Festival in China, Foto Freo in Australia, Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre)...
In 2005, she won the Fondation Lagardère grant "young photographer". She was awarded the second prize Spot News Stories at the World Press Photo in 2007, and was part of the Joop Swart MasterClass at the World Press Photo in 2008. She was finalist for the Visa d'Or Magazine and Care award in 2008 and finalist for the Visa d'Or News in 2010. She received in 2011 the OPC Robert Capa Gold Medal for “best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise” for her reportage on the Red Shirts Crisis in Thailand. In 2013, she was the winner of the St Brieuc Photoreporter Festival grant for her project “Mother” in South Korea.


Agnès Dherbeys est une photographe française basée à Paris. Elle a obtenu son master de l’IEP de Lyon avec mention et un master 2 Sciences de l’information et Communication, du Celsa à l’université de la Sorbonne Paris IV.

Elle se consacre aussi bien à des projets au long cours (Népal, Timor Oriental) qu’à l’actualité telle que la dévastation qui a suivi le tsunami de 2004 ou les manifestations politiques à Bangkok en 2010. Agnès Dherbeys a principalement travaillé en Asie jusqu'en 2012 où elle était basée, avec quelques incursions aux Etats-Unis ou au Moyen-Orient.

En 2012, elle a collaboré au projet Siam Roads : une histoire musicale et visuelle du groupe français de jazz, Limousine, qui effectue une plongée dans l'univers de la musique traditionnelle thaïlandaise Molaam. Le groupe a tourné dans toute la France et a été invité à Bangkok en 2013 (premier spectacle à la Gaité Lyrique, Paris). Siam Roads a été en partie financé grâce au soutien de l'Institut Français, d’Agnès B, et du Festival Factory.

Agnès Dherbeys a passé l’année 2013 à travailler sur son projet "Omone" dans son pays de naissance. Elle a donné une voix et un visage aux mères coréennes qui ont abandonné (ou perdu) leur enfant à l'Adoption Internationale dans les années 70 et les années 80. "Mother" a été depuis largement diffusé dans les médias en Europe et a été exposé au Festival Photoreporter de St Brieuc en 2013. Ce travail est emblématique des réalisations d’Agnès Dherbeys : rendre compte de manière intime de notre monde, en utilisant son esthétique et sa vision personnelles.

En 2015 et 2016, elle réalise son premier documentaire Tropical Suite, produit par Stanley White : Poni Hoax précurseur français de la scène française électro-rock enregistre son quatrième album sur 3 continents différents. Tropical Suite est un témoignage rock, assoiffé et personnel au cœur de la création en mouvement.

Agnès Dherbeys travaille pour la presse internationale comme le New York Times, le Monde, Harpers, Marie Claire, VSD, GQ ....

Son travail a été exposé en France (Visa pour l'Image à Perpignan, Festival Photoreporter à St Brieuc, Festival des Ecrits de Femme, ...) et à l'étranger (Festival Photo d’Angkor au Cambodge, Festival Photo de Lianzhou en Chine, Foto Freo en Australie, Centre d’Art de Bangkok, ...).

Le travail d’Agnès Dherbeys a été récompensé à plusieurs reprises. En 2005, elle a remporté la bourse de la Fondation Lagardère "jeune photographe". Elle a été finaliste du Visa d'Or Magazine et du Prix Care en 2008, puis finaliste du Visa d'Or News en 2010. En 2011, elle a reçu la médaille d'Or Robert Capa dans la catégorie «meilleur photoreportage publié à l’étranger nécessitant un courage exceptionnel et de la détermination». En 2013, elle a gagné la bourse du festival photoreporter de St Brieuc grâce à laquelle elle a réalisé le projet Omone en Corée du Sud.


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Retired — Agnes Dherbeys

2014 - 2016
I have nothing to offer to my son now. I am just old and poor”. Pyongtaek, 19th of June 2013. Mrs. Kim Jihee, former comfort woman for the American GIs, 64 years old smokes in her little apartment near Camp David, the red area of the huge US military ba

Omone (Mother) — Agnes Dherbeys

Supporters of Nobel Prize Jose Ramos Horta shouting at the Freitilin pro Lu-Olo supporters passing next to them. The last day of Presidential elections campaign, around 30 people got injured during clashes between rival political party supporters.

Dependency Timor Leste — Agnes Dherbeys

2006 - 2007

Redshirts unrest Thailand — Agnes Dherbeys


Vice of Wills - Nepal — Agnes Dherbeys

2001 - 2008

Portraits — Agnes Dherbeys


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